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Chemical course
Theses pages belong to a plan huger in development. The part devoted to the organic chemistry was written from courses that I have taught for several years to students who prepare the International Chemistry Olympiad in the lycée Faidherbe. The developped subjects don't follow a particular program. To build the most of molecular files, showing the organic chemical course, I used the SymApps 5.1 programm (BioRad laboratories) that permitted to convert 2D shapes in the 3D ones with the minimization of total energy. Angles and distances between atoms can be, then, slightly different from the experimental values in the real molecule. On the other hand, the files of molecular database were built directly from the experimental values and are faithful to the reality.
Some files come from : Protein Data Bank (Brookhaven National Laboratory) ; Library of 3-D-Molecular Structure (New York University) ; Klotho : Biochemical Compounds Declarative Database (Washington University, St Louis Mo) ; Molecules at Okanagan (Okanagan University College Chemistry Dept BC CD) ; Smell Database (University of California Berkeley).

Molecular database
This database contains about sixty files in
.pdb format that describe the geometric characteristics of simple inorganic molecules. These files were made with the atom's coordinates to respect the experimental values. So, these files permit the illustration of classical geometries learnt in the VSEPR method. In order to view molecular structures you will have to configure your browser and to acquire CHIME plug-in


I thank N. Berland professor at lycée Faidherbe. C. Perraudin teacher working in the laboratory. The help of L. Hancelin and M. Carabelli, who work in this laboratory was useful.
Creating links near this site, a lot of people in France and abroad contributed to the development of this site. I sincerly thank them for their kidness and encouragement.

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